Fashion era: fashion clothing with the basic principles of color

Fashion era of women 's clothing to teach you the basic principles of color with clothing:


Avoid choosing pure color as the main color tone of fashion clothing, and choose the color tone with the main tone, the higher the gray, the lower the brightness the easier the color with other colors.

2 To dress brightly, choose high-brightness tone-based match with other lower-brightness color tone fashion-style clothing, such as white and purple, orange and light gray, sky blue and dark purple and so on.


3 To dress elegant, the choice of high-grayscale tone with other lower grayscale fashion chic, such as black and white, dark gray and red, dark brown and beige and so on.

4 two high-grayscale color with a lack of sense of hierarchy, but the difference between the grayscale and brightness are increased by the collision color visual sense. Therefore, the best sense of hierarchy: choose similar to the gray but different brightness of the fashion chic with clothing, such as red and yellow.

5 two high-brightness color with the match is too glare, but if the brightness is less then less gorgeous vision. Therefore, the best bright and beautiful with: choose the similar brightness but different shades of gray fashion chic with clothing, such as yellow and green.

Fancy Yarn with natural fiber appearance and natural color characteristics is produced by special process with polyester fiber or nylon as raw materials




Wool-like is composited by different shrinkage material through special texturing deform process. After dye the fabric get wool touch. Widely use on water jet loom, air jet loom for women garments.

Linen-like bright colour, breathability and good moisture absorption. It`s cost performance is better than the linen fabrics. Mainly applicable for bag fabric,home textile,garments such as down jacket, mountaineering jacket, ski suit etc. widely use on water jet loom, air jet loom, warp knitting.

CDP is composited by semi dull and cationic polyester through texturing deform process. After dye the fabric can get two different color. Main for circular knitting for sportswear T-shirt fabric and polar fleece fabric.

Melange yarn is composited by raw white and black polyester through texturing deform process, adjust the ratio of each material can get different blackness, widly use for weaving and knitting.

Loop yarn

Thick and Thin yarn

Cotton like

Nep(Knop) Yarn

Slub yarn 

 Slub Yarn

Polyester Fancy Yarn

Fancy Yarn,Fancy Knitting Yarn,Polyester Fancy Yarn,Polyester Fancy Yarn For Knitting


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