Anlieana Lina fashion ladies successfully entered the Victoria Cliff Inner Mongolia Chifeng

Anlieana Linna women successfully entered Victoria Chifeng Victoria mall. Inner Mongolia Victoria Group was founded in 2003, is a collection of modern department stores, commercial, real estate, supermarket chains, quasi-financial format as one of the large private enterprise groups. Chifeng Victoria Shopping Plaza is located in Hongshan District, Chifeng Walking Street South Cultural Square, the project total area of ​​92,000 square meters, of which the main area of ​​43,983 square meters. Well, the success of Lena Women settled in Inner Mongolia Victory Shopping Plaza brought the beautiful style of Sicily, Italy!




In 2011 successfully introduced the Italian women's brand of elegant --Anlieana, began the Greater China market journey In 2012 to Guangdong first-line department stores, Shopping Mall as the main channel to create brand direct sales center in 2013 channel intensive, shop integration optimization, at On the basis of the existing terminals, we will step up efforts to create a model of the regional market and optimize terminal management. Opened the brand image counters in major shopping malls in first-tier cities, with direct chain stores and franchisees as the main business models, established offices in first-tier cities across the country , Branches, to play the role of regional model market point to achieve leap-forward growth of stores, the terminal number reached 200 * 2016 market depth mining, brand spread, and actively carry out all kinds of exhibitions, investment associations, brand stores, sales Amount, influence were geometric growth!

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