SNOOPY Women: fashion, elegant and create quality of life

SNOOPY women's clothing brand from the United States a joint photo agency's a cartoon image, now has swept the world. SNOOPY Shusu absorbed the essence of first-rate designers in the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea, and integrates the modern design style to guide the modern trend. SNOOPY women's pursuit of quality of life, modern women's appeal as a starting point, international flavor, fashion, leisure, elegance and integration.


SNOOPY women's wear has always been upholding an international, fashion, taste a woman's design concept, with the designer's unique popular aesthetic, simple outline modeling and exquisite craftsmanship details, release the latest international trends, showing the modern women's unique taste , To create an international fashion brand style. SNOOPY women's natural high-grade natural fabrics, cotton, linen, wool-based high-grade fabrics, to create an international fashion taste woman, creative and market progress, leading the fashion trend.

SNOOPY女装:时尚、高雅  创造品质生活

Affiliate Support
1. Companies to join the market to conduct a rigorous inspection, from the perspective of the company and partners to grasp, select, determine the market.
2. Shop / counter decoration company to send someone to assist local, to ensure that the decoration of the company's standard image.
3. Companies free partner professional training, including knowledge of goods, store management, staff incentives, sales skills and so on.
4. Companies provide free pre-order professional guidance and training, regular data system based on the professional data analysis and guidance.
5. After the store opened in the store / counter from time to time to send someone to support the supervision of the local market, training partners at the same time the effect of follow-up.
6. The marketing center of the company is in charge of the sales and guidance work of the partners, and the staffs will be arranged on time to visit and inspect the market regularly.
7. The company carries out an effective analysis of the inventory of each store / counter, guides its product deployment and inventory digestion, and provides promotional programs.

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