Vecellio workplace women wear elegant and charming taste

Mega Clothing Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City, the main push brand Vecellio, mainly for the pursuit of fashion in the workplace women create intelligent, luxurious and elegant clothing and wear take, by many consumers. Vecellio brand of clothing adhering to the traditional design concept, not rigidly adhere to the traditional, offside design more prominent what a clothing fashion sense.

Vecellio职场女装 穿出优雅迷人味

Orange leather and traditional colors compared to the more a visual sense of the jump, anti-season to IN hue in the fall and winter this season by the popular people of all ages!

Vecellio职场女装 穿出优雅迷人味

Exquisite tailoring and fine fabrics, so that the overall LOOK upgrade the grade, the elegance of an instant show!

Vecellio Women With a high level of corporate management culture and always follow the fashion design concept, quickly in the field of women's clothing has a place, has a strong competitive edge, I believe, Vecellio Women will continue to move forward, the brand into a high-end The international women's brand !

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Polyester Camouflage Fabric

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