FALEMIG senior women highlight the noble dress quality

FALEMIG from the extraordinary understanding of life, the fashion taste of the persistence of the brand is insisting that the brand identity; highlighting the identity and taste, and create noble and elegant, stylish and out of place expression, which is the essence of FALEMIG.

法拉鸣歌 - FALEMIG

FALEMIG is committed to leading the international fashion trend, but also advocate an international fashion biochemical way, bringing a new high-grade life experience and a new attitude to life, feeling the precipitation of luxury, giving women's dignity and elegance, showing a The perfect fit and heritage of culture and art.

FALEMIG高级女装 彰显高尚着装品位

FALEMIG Womens free, natural, simple, stylish, elegant, elegant atmosphere yet luxurious, subtle hides a hint of publicity, but to integrate the modern atmosphere, good at showing the sexy and seductive woman's beautiful curve, and its unique Personal style is the perfect interpretation of the concept of perfect.

True and false Cashmere Sweater identification
According to the following methods to identify genuine and fake cashmere sweater.
Touch: cashmere fine than ordinary wool, the average fineness of 14-16um, so feel a kind of silky feeling, quite comfortable. However, some cashmere sweater, it feels very slippery, after touching the fingers rubbing there is the feeling of slippery, that is sprinkled with talcum powder clothes above.
Grab: Wool hair medulla, is solid, and the cashmere sweater is without marrow hollow, so very flexible. Grasping a hand, there is a feeling of glutinous rice flexible plate.
Put: grasping a cashmere in hand, and then let go, cashmere because animal protein, which will immediately restore smooth, difficult to wrinkle.
According to: holding a cashmere sweater, shining at the spotlight, rub the density of cashmere sweater, clear and tidy lines, not easy to reveal the light. Density of loose appears to be organized chaos, easy to light. A good cashmere sweater not only requires a good cashmere purity, but also requires a certain amount. This is an important indicator to judge the quality of cashmere sweater.
[dian":[dian"  about the weight of cashmere sweater, the amount may be too light discount, manufacturing density is not enough. Too heavy may be mixed with wool.
Burning: Cashmere sweater burning not only issued a protein and flint coke smell, burning speed is also slow, burned ash powder, touch that is broken. The wool burning protein and flint also have a stink smell, but the fiber ash due to chemical fiber combustion and rapidly shrink into a ball.

Pure cashmere scarves can form the organizing principle for an ensemble, tying together disparate colors with a unifying pattern, offering an eye-catching contrast. Luxurious soft and warm, our sumptuously pure cashmere knitted scarf has a rich pattern. Sure to be a cold-weather favorite, it can be worn long or doubled for extra warmth. Solid Cashmere Scarf, and Stripes Cashmere Scarf are available for your choice.

Cashmere Knitted Scarf

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