"Dream Sailing Decisive Terminal" - KappaKids sportswear Q1Q2 2013 orders ended

November 6, 2012, "Dream Sailing Decisive Terminal" - KappaKids sportswear Q1Q2 Ordering Ceremony 2013 With the perfect snowfall in Beijing's first snow, hundreds of franchisee friends gathered in all directions from here and there, The entire order will be lively scene, the result is impressive. Start ceremony gorgeous and grand order will be in a gorgeous sand painting performances in the opening, the final freeze-frame screen will soon set sail on the body, meaning KappaKids "dream flight" officially set sail. Next, an ice sculpture stands on the stage, crystal clear, when the leader after the red wine into the red KappaKids logo impressively. Kappa is a sports brand from Italy. In June 2012, KappaKids officially joined forces with Parkland, the top childcare market in China for 10 consecutive years, and officially entered the sportswear market. One is an internationally acclaimed sportswear brand, and one is the leader of the children's clothing industry for ten years. What will be the best when the two meet? Let us take a bit curious to have a taste of this has long been unable to bear the surprise it! Product Design Colorful Design Room Commendable This order will be exhibited a total of ColorFUN Colorful series, National series, Soccer series, Beach Bound series, Essential series, Girls Dance ( Dance) series. In the design ideas, more into the psychedelic Italian colors, and through the skilled use of color and designers inspired by the collision, the "play is fun" enjoy deduction. In material, this season new addition to the traditional natural woven fabrics, but also the introduction of special color sand and sweat, Tencel, elastic slub cards and other new classical fabrics, high-tech, ultra-thin, purely natural Features interpretation to the pinnacle of art. At the same time in the design, through the hit color zipper and zipper printing and other classic details of the embellishment, the series will be the most vivid interpretation of the product features, in addition, the order for the first time using an open model showroom, fresh design, soft colors, Smart The effect of space rendering, look more three-dimensional, vivid, intuitive, effective results, continue to attract franchisees who praise. Three-dimensional branding + full range of scientific management + diversified value-added services = brand value enhancement Q1Q2KappaKids children's clothing in 2013 is Parker Dili set 20 years experience in the industry's children's clothing and Kappa's design concept of the crystallization. In order to create the first brand of sports fashion children's clothing, send Crane Emperor through rigorous market research, strive to give more franchisee in the price of none other nostalgia room; increase operational supervision services plan, store growth plans; through television, radio, plane , Terminals and other comprehensive three-dimensional brand promotion mode to enhance the market penetration of the brand and the terminal shop turnover rate; in the terminal store display, the space layout and lighting with the use of color, container display and display The perfect combination of many elements to enhance the image of customer stores, making KappaKids brand value of all-dimensional three-dimensional communication. The birth of KappaKids is not only the high degree of integration between the two brands, but also the laying of a road of confidence. After several months of hard work, it has opened more than ten stores in Tianjin, Shandong, Chongqing and Wuhan and will have more than 10 outlets in major shopping centers in Beijing before the end of November. It is estimated that by 2013, In other cities across the country, nearly one hundred dealers and dealerships have been set up in succession. KappaKids is taking a spark of a prairie fire to spread throughout the country. Agent recruitment in major cities across the country is being carried out in full swing. As the saying goes, Ruixue Mega Year. Beijing's first snow cast a delightful early winter on November in Beijing. KappaKids sportswear Q1Q2 2013 Ordering the success of the fair, announced to the world KappaKids dream flight officially set sail. Her appearance not only filled the gap in the field of sports fashion children's wear in our country, but also opened up a new starting point and a new future for our children's sports fashion. Related hot words search

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