The thickness of the home textile yarn determines whether the fabric is good or bad.

Home textiles are closely related to our lives, but in the face of a large number of high-density, high-density, forty-nine yarns introduced by the home textile store, there are proper terms such as antibacterial treatment in the process, and consumers are not clear about its meaning. Here, I like to share the common knowledge of home textile products from the perspectives of product fabrics, crafts, fillers, health care, and home environment matching, so that you can easily purchase satisfactory bedding products.

The thickness of the home textile yarn determines whether the fabric is good or bad. From the perspective of the quality of the product, the fabric and processing technology are generally considered, and the core product should also consider the filler.

1, fabric. The thickness and density of the yarn determine the quality of the fabric. Generally, the higher the density, the better the quality of the fabric. Look at the quality of the fabric can also be judged from the printing process. 2, the filler. Fillers can be evaluated in terms of warmth, breathability, durability, and the like. For example, many home textile wools are hygroscopic and warm, suitable for the elderly; many home textiles are soft, moisture absorption and moisture release; many home textiles are skin-friendly, warm and breathable, and many home textiles are soft and smooth. It is warm and close to the body and has good moisture absorption. 3, look at the processing technology, workmanship is exquisite, smooth, no needle eye is better.

Second, from the perspective of health care, whether the human body can get enough rest during sleep depends largely on bedding. I love home textiles to promote healthy sleep, and the series of functional products developed have certain health effects. Such as the love of home textile beauty aloe has been added to the aloe fiber, anti-inflammatory anti-sweat beauty and other effects; more favorite Cassia pillow, health care memory pillow using international advanced physical anti-mite fabric, unique space memory cotton, Zero stress sleep, health care is easier. More love for the Finano series of bed products can play an effective antibacterial and antibacterial effect, especially suitable for naked sleep.

Third, from the perspective of home environment, I love home textiles. I think that home textile products should be considered in terms of home decoration style. I want to consider the coordination of the overall style of the decoration and the special features of the room functions, such as the bedding requirements for children's rooms and wedding rooms. It is different. Generally different fabrics will have different effects. The cotton linen is exquisite and warm, the printed fabric is natural, the satin is rich and gorgeous, and the velvet is elegant and solemn. The texture is rough and the feeling is smooth, and the texture is smooth and cool. The different visual effects of the fabrics are different, the atmosphere created is different, and the decoration can be chosen according to your pursuit and taste.

At the same time, we must select the satisfactory bedding products. The Golden Sun experts pointed out the necessary technical parameters, and consumers should still understand.

The thickness of the home textile yarn determines whether the fabric is good or bad. The length of the yarn of 1 gram is called how many. The higher the yarn count, the finer the yarn. The thinner the cloth woven with such yarn, the softer and more comfortable the cloth.

The second is density. Density refers to the number of warp and weft yarns arranged in the unit length of the fabric. The higher the density, the higher the requirements and cost of the manufacturing technology, and the better the quality of the bedding.

The third is the shrinkage rate. The national standard shrinkage rate is less than 4%, the raw materials of the bedding products are different, and the shrinkage rate is also different. In general, cotton bed products have the highest shrinkage rate, and synthetic fiber bed products have a smaller shrinkage rate. In addition, the density of the fabric is different, the shrinkage rate is also different, and the lower the density, the greater the shrinkage rate.

The fourth is color fastness. Color fastness refers to the color fastness of the product against perspiration, washing and rubbing resistance. Color fastness directly affects human health and product beauty. If the bed with poor color fastness encounters sweat, etc., it will cause the fabric pigment to fall off and fade, and the dye molecules may be absorbed by the human body through the skin and endanger the health.

When consumers buy bedding products, they need to pay more attention to the maintenance of bedding products. Golden sun bedding experts remind you that quilts should not be exposed for a long time, ultraviolet rays can be used for anti-virus, and under the joint action of sunlight and wind, quilts are adsorbed. Harmful bacteria and microorganisms can be quickly removed. The height of the pillow is also very particular. The choice of the pillow is based on the straightness of the spine when lying on the side. Too high or too low will cause sleep discomfort. The best way to store quilts and pillows is in a cotton bag that is breathable. The vacuum plastic bag saves space and is suitable for synthetic fiber filling.


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