Second impression cutting-edge brand play cool cowboy casual style

Jeans, originally a 19th-century American designed to cope with the heavy daily work clothes. Nowadays, it has become a darling of the fashion industry and even become an important cultural symbol. At the same time, it is also endowed with a spiritual nucleus of independence, freedom, rebellion, ruggedness and boldness and continues to be embedded in the highly developed "modern" society after the Western Industrial Revolution. Freedom is the cornerstone of cowboy culture, but also the new dress era poetic and arrogant appeal. The second impression of the cutting-edge jean brand respected Determined determination but without losing the creative attitude to life. In the product development and design blend of classic and trend of the industrial era of rugged and British retro elegance for the tone, to create more suitable Asian layout and lines and self-confidence, nature, self-wear concept. The Second Impression was created in response to the Chinese consumer demand for cowboy culture. The main target group for 18-30-year-old urban men and women have a certain fashion sensitivity, for the publicity of free personality, attention to taste and texture, the pursuit of natural and comfortable in the dress of the crowd. "Second impression" is positioned in the Chinese market, the new cutting-edge denim brand. Style and price range between the fashion cowboy and the basic leisure, has a vast market prospects.

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