How to degauss the garnet

How to degauss the garnet Garnet is one of the middle and high grade gemstones. Like most crystals, garnets need to be regularly degaussed. It is advisable to degauss at least once a month. So under what circumstances do we need to degauss?

First, the wearer enters graveyards, funeral parlors and other unlucky places;

Second, dirty or dirty water;

Third, the promised wish has come true;

Fourth, people who were annoyed by themselves encountered it.

Garnet degaussing method:

Method one, soak with mineral water.

Pour the newly purchased mineral water in a porcelain bowl or glass, and then put the garnet into the mineral water for a day or night. This can balance the negative energy in the spar.

Method two, with Yushou salt and mineral water solution dipping.

According to the ratio of 1g to 50ml, the salt and mineral water are made into a solution, and the crystal stone is put into the solution for one day and one night. If more salt and water are added according to this ratio, several pieces of garnet can be degaussed at the same time. . After soaking, rinse the crystals with clean water and then dry them to weaken the magnetic field around the crystals. However, it should be noted that the salt used to degauss the crystal is not the general salt, but the salt of Japan, because the general salt has a corrosive effect on the crystal, and the salt does not protect the salt.

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