Ai music little lady let you fall in love with fashion

Ai music less Shu-Shu brand mainly for 22-36-year-old woman tailored to fit her, is her perfect dress. Positioning itself in a vibrant and dynamic, the pursuit of personal style of fashionable women. LGTaste Women is between fashion and leisure the perfect combination! Avant-garde without exaggeration, leisure and not too casual.

艾上乐品 - LGTaste

Ai music products respected a new philosophy of life: a culture built on the basis of the atmosphere without losing the atmosphere, elegant and far from vulgar, both fashion and not simply follow the popular philosophy of life.

艾上乐品少淑女装 让你爱上时尚

LGTaste women are the city's elegant spokesperson, they are the most dazzling light, the most charming aroma. They do not like to escape, not good at fleeing, but inadvertently capture the joy of time and place!

Types of Pillar Candles

There are many different kinds of pillar candles as described above, the categorization is done on the basis of shape, wick,materials and scent.

Basic Pillar Candle:

It is cylindrical in shape, having a single wick.  It is made of paraffin or beeswax, having different colors. It can be decorated on the dining tables.

Soy Pillar candles:

As the name suggests the candle is made of soy and some other components which help to give the stability to the candle. They are quite eco-friendly and burn much hotter than the conventional candles.

Layered Pillar Candles:

These candles are quite similar to basic candles, but have layers of different colors in its wax.It is best to use for decoration purpose as it can give quite a dramatic affects in the room.

Layered Pillar Candles

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