How to identify and identify knowledge of powder crystal

How to identify the knowledge of powder crystal identification

1. Identification of the inner package. In general, because natural crystals are naturally produced by the earth, most crystals usually contain inclusions, natural ice cracks, cloud and ribbon changes. The artificial crystal is made of a factory or laboratory, so the crystal produced is almost perfect.

2. The hand feels false. Pure natural crystal feels cool and weighty. Synthetic crystals are gentle and light in weight.

3. Expert identification. Send it to a special national jade and jade identification agency for identification. There are many artificial secondary synthetic crystals on the market. Please pay attention to whether you have a national certificate at the time of purchase to prevent counterfeit goods.

4. At present, “Swarovski Crystal” is very popular on the market. Its essence is high-lead glass. Although it is very beautiful, it can only be regarded as a craft, without natural spirituality and without any value-added value. Pay special attention when purchasing.

5. Starlight powder crystal from Madagascar, the bead body will show a unique six rays at the bottom under the strong light of a single light source. However, the star-shaped powder crystals commonly found on the market are all star-shaped effects produced by manual processing.

6. The color is tender pink, the crystal is bright, the micro-transparent has a small amount of floc, and no crack is the top grade.

7. The best hibiscus ice crystal powder crystal, the crystal is super transparent, not only has no impurities, even the texture can not be seen, the crystal is as clear as water, a light pink, with a very fine oily luster (at first glance someone will think it like It is a pink thread worn by white crystal, but the grease gloss effect is unique to this powder crystal. The impeccable color is the pursuit of perfection.

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