Shu Lang's brand drunk cool: red embellishment, handsome profile

This season's drunk cool is divided into black and red lines and gray and black lines. The black and red series includes flower type series, stripe series and houndstooth series. The gray and black series includes flower type series, stripe series, checkered series and circle yam series. In color, red color is added to the black, white, and grey basic colors of accessories through the use of accessories and black and red stitching. In order to enhance the overall sense of fullness and richness, jacquard, yarn-dyed, composite, lattice, and other fabrics have been used.

Shu Lang's brand: Drunk

If one sentence summarizes the trend of winter clothing, it can be attributed to the “contour-oriented, fabric and popular details go hand in hand” situation. Boxes, jackets, shawls, cloaks are the most popular this season, and the limelight has completely overshadowed the performance of the past few seasons, with the most eye-catching collection pants. This season drunk cool pushes chief wear coats, cape-style coats, coats, military coats, extra large coats, sleeveless shawl coats, box-type vests, and other styles, interpreting trends from the perspective of practicality, keeping warm, and modifying body lines. At the same time the perfect display of drunken qualities.

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