eminu According to Mino "Doomsday Carnival" Doomsday can not stop the pace of beauty

The Mayan predicted that the dawn of Dec. 22 will never come after the nightly night of December 21, 2012. But even the last days can not stop our beauty of the pace, according to Mino "Doomsday Carnival" look forward to your joining, what are you waiting for? Come on ...

依米奴 - EMINU

A very fit girl cotton clothes, in the long section of the version, tighten the elastic stretch design stature, can effectively reduce the sense of bloated wear; zipper removable cap, with a cap top, the same can be Disassemble slightly, can be suitable for different needs of girls slightly, stand-collar and hooded fashion combined with the surface using adhesive sandwich process, with superior waterproof, durable polyester surface impressed by the processing, to show glossy texture, highlighting the sense of quality ; Cuffs and hem with rib close body type at the same time, also played a good anti-collapse effect, the same as a woman with a board.

eminu依米奴“末日狂欢节”  末日也挡不住爱美的脚步

Pure black wool coat more atmosphere and taste, the classic single breasted design is simple and stylish, special is the placket two large button design, the wide hem of the design embellishment has promoted the noble sense of the entire coat, Unisex handsome yet elegant femininity, suitable for OL wear.

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