Wood carving market is not as good as transition

Wood carving market is not as good as transition At present, due to the sluggish market of wood carving, rising labor costs, high rents and pressure from stores, many small and medium-sized wood carving dealers struggle. According to reports, the shipment rate of a certain wood carving market in Zhejiang declined sharply year-on-year in June this year. Some wood carving dealers were forced to switch to or from the market; in Dongxing, some dealers faced the risk of bankruptcy due to an inventory backlog; the wood carving market in Fuzhou was also a customer. The market is deserted; in Xianyou, the sales of some wood carving dealers are worrying.

Switching is not as good as transition, and sticking to the mainstream Although the wood carving market is generally cold, most dealers still choose to stick to it. Because at this time, it is of course impossible to be immutable, but if you change your mind, it is probably not a good idea. After all, when the economic environment is not good, all walks of life are not easy to do. As the saying goes, “It's better to do cooking than to do it.” Wood carving dealers have developed in this industry for many years and are familiar with the characteristics and development of the industry. If they suddenly go to other industries, they may not be able to develop well.

In addition, although the sales of the wood carving market are now hindered, in fact there has been no major fluctuations in prices. The upstream raw material market price has been relatively stable after a period of turbulence. Some good materials or rare woods such as huanghuali and rosewood are still rising. Moreover, the decline in the upper reaches of the real estate market is only a temporary phenomenon. The government is suppressing housing prices rather than housing, and curbing speculation rather than investment. Therefore, after a short-term downturn, the wood carving market will gradually recover. Just like Liu Bo, who is the root writer of Folitech China, despite the fact that the market is cold, it is after all an industry he loves and has been doing for more than a decade. He is still full of confidence in the wood carving market.

The old saying goes: "The land of the cast is then saved, and the land of death is born." In fact, when the market is not good, it is often a good time for transformation and innovation.

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