SKOFF poetry Ke Fu naked pink single product casual charming

SKOFF Shi Kefu brand apparel design elegant, stylish casual and professional classics combined with feminine design elements, simple, soft, attention to detail embellishment, grasp the fashion trends, fashionable and unique, smooth lines, color and fabric tight Combined with international trends, cut appropriately. The summer of 2013, the soft nude color is still SKOFF poems Kooft brand this season's focus, but in the past is different, without the need for overly complex with lighter color more gentle pink is the focus of attention, with Sexually charming SKOFF poetry Ke Fu women !


Sexy and sweet sleeveless chiffon shirt dress, so ladylike temperament most exudes, tight waist and if the plump is very charming, short and long before the irregular skirt proud and lovely, pretty and charming, elegant Pleasant.

SKOFF诗柯芙裸粉色单品  随性迷人

Vintage beautiful dress, water lace lace stitching accordion pleated skirts, elegant and with a few chic style, simple design and exquisite tailoring, bringing a few fresh and elegant.

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