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As the saying goes: got the hall, got the kitchen that feminine fellow, a man proud of the woman, behind him that support the woman behind, so that men have a face, with the band out, but also brought back. Women do know the book reasonable, gentle, loaded cute, play a small fresh, no matter what occasion, let him have his face, so you are more confident, you are the focus.


欧斯语品牌女装 极致女人的精致装扮

Orsi Women create innocent and intellectual ladies world, romantic and pure, elegant fashion brand women's two major design themes, the pursuit of meticulous quality of life, elegant attitude to life. For the new era of urban women to create a can not only feel the sweet love of first love as green, but also to highlight the workplace elegant and capable, to present you with a beautiful and colorful scenes.

欧斯语品牌女装 极致女人的精致装扮

欧斯语品牌女装 极致女人的精致装扮

Orsi fashion women 's fashion pure and enjoy the romantic fairy tale, the design style of innocent pure innocent girl and elegant and capable intellectual fashion white - collar workers, simple and exquisite design details, visual to a fierce desire to enter the fantasy. Slim tailor printed lining graceful posture, no matter where are the unique focus.

We are fabric printing and dyeing factory, specialized in this field for many years, with good reputation in Shaoxing and Hangzhou areas, Welcoming you to join us anytime.                                                It includes heat transfer printing, pigment printing, reactive printing, digital printing, and disperse dyestuff printing. The quality has passed Europen standard test. Coating was added after the printing is finished, so it could block out the light better.This kind of curtain fabrics are with the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, flame retardant, sound insulation, heat insulation, anti-ultraviolet ray, anti-bacterial, anti-mildew and deodorization, anti-radiation, anti-static, waterproof and anti-fouling, etc. The coating process is formaldehyde-free and non-villus; the curtain is very soft, 100% all shading; the production process of PVC coated curtain cloth has 3 PAS coating shading, 4 PAS coating shading. Light, flame retardant coating shading, anti-bacterial and anti-mildew coating shading, our PVC coated curtains have been certified by European Bluesign standard certification, European Oeko-Tex100 certification.

Printed Coating Curtain Fabric

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