Happy Castle - into the capital Pinghu, Zhejiang

Clothing culture and brand characteristics complement each other! - Located in Pinghu City, under the jurisdiction of Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, is a state-level ecological demonstration zone, known as the city of melons, clothing city of the title. Apparel industry is the traditional pillar industry Pinghu, started in the 1980s, after 20 years of development, is now the prestigious clothing city. Figure 1: corner of Pinghu this winter, located in the bustling commercial district of the clothing capital of the Times Department Store, formally invited a new partner settled, he is from Shenzhen, a famous children's underwear brand "Happy Castle." This act undoubtedly injected a breath of fresh air to this prestigious clothing city. Figure two: Pinghu ladies Times Square

Bi-component polyester filament Yarn is made from two polyester fibers with different properties. mainly includes the following products:

1)ITY (BSY) composed of polyester FDY and POY composite spinning

2)SPH is a low viscosity PET and high shrinkage PET composite spinning.

3)M400 by high viscosity of PTT and low viscosity PET composite spinning   

4)T8 is made up of low viscosity PBT and high viscosity PET composite spinning


two components of different types of thermal shrinkage performance, make it produce a permanent curl in the finishing process, thus elastic, also has certain moisture absorption perspiration function.


1. The dyeing temperature and finalize the design temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, too high will affect the elastic fabric;

2. Try to use in the process of finishing the hydrophilic agent, in order to avoid jam fiber groove, destroying its moisture absorption perspiration function



Polyester Bicomponent Yarn

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