Deodorization of shoes

Deodorization of shoes

In daily life, shoes are a must-have item, and it is indispensable to go out every day. However, the problem of odor in shoes is still a more difficult problem. How can we quickly and simply deodorize shoes in daily life?

First, the simplest and most economical way to use charcoal. Many people know that the charcoal has a very strong adsorption. Put charcoal in the shoes, not only can absorb the water inside the shoes, but also can absorb the smell inside the shoes. If there is no charcoal in the family, you can burn some, you can also buy some The deodorizing ability of activated carbon and activated carbon is even stronger.

Second, pure natural methods, use some plants to clean shoes, such as placing lemon slices in the shoes, or putting orange peels in the shoes, generally after one night, the smell of shoes can be basically removed, but also There will be some fragrance.

Third, use alcohol to remove the smell of shoes. Use common medicinal alcohol, pour some water and dilute it. Then use a small tool with a spout to inject the insole and the inside of the shoe, or soak it in paper and then sprinkle it inside.

Fourth, use tea leaves to remove shoe odors. It is said that the use of Tieguanyin in addition to shoe odor effect is very good, but the cost is a bit severe, so I did not try, but I tried to use Pu'er tea to remove the smell of shoes, the effect is also OK, the tea with a gauze wrapped into a small group, and then plug Into the shoes, shoes odor disappeared after a period of time, or you can try using tea bags directly.

Fifth, using soda powder in addition to shoe odor, directly sprinkle the appropriate amount of soda powder in the shoes, because soda powder absorbs water faster, so it can absorb the sweat inside the shoes faster, to achieve the purpose of deodorant, but according to my test, in addition to The odor effect is not very obvious and slightly alleviated.

Sixth, use white vinegar to deodorize. The use of white vinegar is similar to that of alcohol. It can also be soaked in white vinegar with a paper towel. The paper towel can then be put into the shoes. After a while, white vinegar can evaporate, and the smell of the shoe can be removed.

Seventh, in the end, you can use household powder and salt to sprinkle some of them in your shoes to absorb the sweat and achieve a deodorant effect.

Eighth, changing shoes insoles and using better quality insoles are more effective than any other deodorant method.

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