[Life tips] autumn and winter how to get rid of static electricity

In the dry autumn and winter seasons, when taking off sweaters, wool or nylon, polyester fiber clothes, you will hear the sound of "crackling" and the hand also has electric shock. These are common static phenomena in life. The following ways to eliminate static electricity:


1. In order to prevent static electricity, indoor to maintain a certain degree of humidity, indoors to ground, sprinkle some water, or humidifier humidifier.

2. To ground bath, wash clothes, to eliminate the accumulation of static electricity on the human body surface.

3. Found that the hair can not be combed with static electricity, the comb immersed in water for a moment, you can comb the hair docile posts.

4. After taking off your clothes, gently touch the wall with your hands and touch the wall with your hands before touching the door handle or faucet. The static electricity will be "discharged" so that static electricity will not hurt you.

5. Clothes to wear, should choose soft, smooth cotton or silk underwear , underwear, try not to wear chemical fiber clothing, so that the harm to reduce the static electricity to a minimum.

6, the use of high moisturizing skin care products, keep the skin surface moisture to prevent the generation of static electricity.




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