Freezing Winter, Ten Warm Heart Trends

Cool winter, cool trends can also be warmth incoming, unstoppable fashion, ten warm heart tide things, let you stand out in the crowd, a warm heart for a single product to play on the streets and winter.

Cool winter, cool trends can also be warmth incoming, unstoppable fashion, ten warm heart tide things, let you stand out in the crowd, a warm heart for a single product to play on the streets and winter.

Throw away the snow boots: ERUSROF golden women's casual shoes

The winter is cold, throw away snow boots, refuse to freeze, this is the ERUSROF golden peas shoes that give you the feeling of warm little princess, YOHO! The senior buyer Paul strongly recommends ERUSROF's latest classic Peas shoes, simple tailoring Never fall back from the popular 100-year style, the inner leather and gold match, the tide is full and lovely.

Classic Red Plaid Winter: LAL Plaid Smiley Plus Fleece Shirt

Fashion trend of big coffee winter does not need sword go slant, YOHO! goods original tide brand with the classic red plaid staged a warm story, red and dark green plaid, with chest smiley cute pocket playful, pass the optimistic and Positive energy, plus velvet lining for warmth, is enough to be your warm-hearted choice.

Cotton stitching texture: ITR spliced ​​cotton vest

The beauty of Into The Rainbow, this vest is in bold bold color stitching, but it has an unparalleled texture. Represents one's own way of life and has no scruples. ITR's products have already reached the sales list in YOHO!

Rational warmth between black and white: 04 N3B jacket

004 latest military wind series cotton clothing, do not look at the rational color between black and white, a simple style gives people the indifferent warmth, through 004 joined the details of their design elements, and then joined the warm production, there are types of temperature. It is worth mentioning that the addition of quilted cotton and computerized cotton inside this section makes the cotton and fabric look very close to each other, and is more wearable.

The most stylish warm heart tide: CHOCOOLATE x MILO cooperation full version printing sweater

If you want to be a cute and trendy merger, it's a trend that makes people watch! icon::CHOCOOLATE x Milo You must not miss it! Pattern design is based on the word “CHOCOOLATE”, and 5 different shapes of Baby Milo patterns are added. Without losing the style, it definitely meets your unique fashion sense!

Unique charm of variation camouflage:ENGAME printed horned female models hooded sweater

The common dark green camouflage is not enough to meet the changing mood of the trend leader. The unique mutant camouflage pattern of ENDIAME is enough to make you shine in the crowd. At the same time, the cap has also adopted a shark cap shape with a small horn decoration, adding more fun, just a simple mix, you can create a street fan

The trend of patent leather and rose: Dr.Martens 8 Eye Boot Patent Lamper pink

What is the most representative of warm colors? Must be a warm rose with dazzling patent leather, add more color to life. Dr.Martens's patent leather collection launched in this season is based on the 1460 classic shoe type. It is made of classic patent leather and is dazzling and bright. It is definitely the best choice for your winter warmth. YOHO! has a senior fashion editor to evaluate this product: "Let the average person wear a magic weapon that instantly transforms into a star."

Monochrome Winter, Color Knitting: MR.

If color hitting and stitching don't reflect your unmatched fashion style, then the mixed knit scarf will definitely become an indispensable item for you. The MR.STORE handmade hat utilizes a variety of yarn materials to match the traditional colors of the sky colors. Weaving technology, weaving a series of design features.

Warm winter mix, cute pets: Cloud factory cat scarf

The cute pet's styling must be the love of the winter. The cat's scarves are full of sculptural sense of creativity, and the warm design will give you a cute trend of warm winter.

Space styling, dress up the future of winter: PROTEST fashion snow boots

Take you through the journey of the future, want to pay a tribute to the sense of space in the winter, that PROTEST fashion snow boots is the most suitable, bright surface PU material, adjustable gluing, artificial short plush lining, simple fashion easy to match , is the warmth of the winter tide thing!

Melting ice snow gilding: mojo gilded pink bow skull creative personality shoulder bag

The pretty Yi people wearing bows continue their ambiguous feelings. The pearl-green enamel reflects different levels of gradient effects. The pink gimmicks arranged in a row are designed with bright pink bows on their heads to add warmth to the atmosphere. It is autumn and winter. Don't miss the wild supplies.

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