Moonstone PK ice white jade silly and unclear

The so-called "moonstone" is actually the "moonlight stone" in gemology. Because of the "moonlight effect", the gem center appears as a moonlight blue or bright white, and is called moonstone.



On the proportion:

The emerald has a specific gravity of 3.30-3.33g/cm, and the feldspar has a specific gravity of 2.56-2.69g/cm. The same size of the gemstone, the jade is more weighty than the moonstone.

Than gloss:

Although the ice of the better quality ice jade is transparent, the surface is faintly fluorescent, and the jade fluorescence is transmitted throughout the surface of the gemstone. But this is definitely not the white moonlight of the moonstone, but the visual effect of the delicate texture of the jade. Turning the moonstone, how can the white moonlight see the rainbow only under the special moon of the gem? Rainbow Moonstone is not seen by the Moonstone. Only a very good white moonlight can see the moonlight effect on the surface of the gem.

Look reflective:

Under the reflected light, a 10X magnifying glass is used to observe the gemstones. The jade can see the unevenness of the pits such as the orange peel, which is called the “orange peel effect”. See also the flash of the surface of a simple piece or point of irregular small particles, which is often heard by professionals. They are all important basis for identifying jade. On the contrary, the surface of the moonstone is very smooth. Except for the occasional small sand holes that appear in the polishing process, the orange peel and the green skin are not visible under the 10X magnifying glass, which is quite different from the surface details of the jade.

Inside view:

The contents of the ice-white jadeite are mostly star-like dots, slightly larger like cotton. The iconic inclusion of moonstone is a white inclusion like a braid, which is very small and can be seen by observing the light under a 10X magnifying glass. In addition, there is a common cleavage surface inside the moonstone, and you can see the irregular plane with colorful light shining inside the stone.

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