Short section of the fur with short pink fur

A gentle woman to indulge countless women, that is, upscale atmosphere of the fur, both from workmanship, fabric and gas field, are superior quality. The fur is made by special processing, it is a special treatment from this point alone, with your favorite shoes and bags, so that your mix are first-class quality. This year's most popular short paragraph fur should be how the match, a woman's love of pink fur is how with, let's take a look at it first.


At first glance, it looks like the clothes you touch with your hand have an absolute advantage over the fabric. This fur short coat is made with a soft, supple color of matte finish and an exquisite workmanship to create a classic silhouette, The coat exudes a charming femininity. Black jumpsuit skirts within the ride, fit body line cut, more charming and elegant.

短款皮草怎么搭配 粉色短款皮草搭配

Pink nude color is very popular in the past two years the color, because it is very close to the skin, the color has become a sexy, express a natural, supple feel. This fur coat to show the classic low-necked collar clavicle attractive lines, close-fitting nude color hip dress skirt with a naked and naked, so you can not stop.

Photo Source: Han Xuan Women

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