Porcelain maintenance method

Porcelain maintenance method If porcelain is not properly maintained, it will be seriously endangered, which is not conducive to the long-term preservation of porcelain, especially the handed down and unearthed fines, it should be carefully maintained. The maintenance of porcelain must follow the principle of care and caution. At the same time, the maintenance of porcelain should not be so great as to avoid protective damage. Porcelain Library China hereby tells Tibetan friends how to care for porcelain.

First, porcelain is fragile, and it should be guarded against shock, crush, and collision during storage. When appreciating collections, be careful not to bump or drop them. Try not to touch them with sweat. When you look at the collection, it is best to wear gloves. The table is covered with flannel. Don't pass on each other when viewing. One person should be reset to watch on the table. Others will hold the watch.

Second, bottles, cans, statues and other porcelain are generally made from the bottom two sections of splicing, can not be a mobile object when the upper part of the neck. The correct way is to hold the neck with one hand and hold it with one hand. Some bottles, jars, and statues are decorated with ears. When picking and placing, it is not possible to mention only ears, so as not to break or damage. Thin tire containers, thin tires, light weight, delicate, mobile, placement should be more careful, must hold hands at the end, avoid single-handedly, especially the bottle, the bottom foot is small, longer body, but also need to wind down.

Third, the newly purchased high-temperature glaze or underglazed porcelain, should be soaked in clean water for 1 hour, and then wash off the appearance of the oil stains, wipe dry with a towel and put it on the box, there should be Foam filling pad, and after adding foam, the diameter can not exceed 0.5 cm in the collection. The collection should be tightly and properly placed in the box, and at the same time avoid extrusion to prevent damage to the collection.

Fourth, when scrubbing oil and other dirt, you should master the following techniques and methods:

1, the general stains can be washed with alkaline water, soap, washing powder can also be used, then rinse with water.

2. Washing thin porcelain in winter, it is necessary to control the water temperature to prevent the porcelain from bursting due to the alternating cold and hot water.

3, color porcelain, and some due to the color of lead in the composition of more, there is pan lead phenomenon, can first use cotton swab dipped in white vinegar scrub, and then wash with water.

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