Be careful when purchasing discounted jewellery

Christmas, New Year's Day will come one after another. Yesterday, Fujian Baoxun issued two tips on consumption, jewellery and non-industrial products. Where the price is discounted, the original price is fictitious and cautiously purchased.


It is understood that the main problems in the gold, silver, jewellery and jade market include shoddy, false and false, inaccurate naming, false high price, difficult to define responsibility, and difficult to resolve after sale.

"Jewelry industry, in the market, let alone 50% off the price is false, that is, 9.8 fold is also a fake." Fujian Baoxie related sources said that because all the merchants who promoted by price discount, no one can show discount jewelry. Original price. According to the National Development and Reform Commission, the original price is the sales record of the goods in the last seven days. If you believe in the discount of jewelry merchants, they have entered their trap.

At the same time, in jewelry outlets, online jewelry direct sales, tourism and other jewelry stores to buy jewelry, precious metal jewelry is not reliable. According to the analysis of the inspection data accepted by the “Group” of the Fujian Baoxie Group, the jewels and jade sold in these places are 100% shoddy.

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