NAERSILING 2014 spring and summer fashion colors

NAERSILING 2014春夏流行色彩

NAERSILING 2014 spring and summer series has been listed, bright colors may have left a deep impression on you; fashionable independent modern women will be more in love with NAERSILING, stunning stunning fashion is bound to become the fashion boom in the next spring! PHYSICIAN This is the first to show you the most noteworthy color trends for the next season Keywords: relatively pure yellow, cornflower blue, polish green, rose red berry to low profile elegant champagne flute, pale white, pigeon gray. All with "simple, modern" design interpretation of costumes, highlighting the international leisure charm. Will they be your new wardrobe? Immediately to grasp the trend of the next season trend, Update your favorite color it!

NAERSILING 2014春夏流行色彩

Pigeon gray

The use of contemporary fashion, pigeon gray interpretation of the most vivid, to break the monotonous white, but also broke through the black boring. This shallow pastel gray tone is neutral, it is a large fashion elegant color wheel.

NAERSILING 2014春夏流行色彩

Classic black

After a few quarters of bright color bombing, black strong return. Black is synonymous with elegant atmosphere, capable, mysterious and sexy, the classic black will be used as the basic color throughout the NAERSILING spring and summer 2014.

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