Li Guilian's "Creation Dictionary"

Li Guilian's "Creation Dictionary"

Yang Shufang, such a "earth" place name and fashion have any relationship? What is the relationship between a rural woman in Northeast China and Buffett? What is the relationship between a Chinese garment factory and American politics? Li Guilian, chairman of Liaoning Dayang Group, is the one who has established links between these seemingly unlikely links. He has changed his destiny because of the reform and opening up and tried to change the fate of China's garment industry. Today, her "Creation" suit sells well in the high-end menswear market in Europe and the United States. In her 30 years of "Creation Keywords", we have a glimpse of the peasant entrepreneur Evergreen and its entrepreneurial era.

In the 2012 London Olympics, the uniforms of the U.S. delegation were found to be all "Made in China." A member of the U.S. House of Representatives shouted "shameful" and threatened to "burn it all" and make it into the United States. When she was accidentally “politicized”, Li Guilian was a little angry. The employees of Dayang were very happy: “What a good free advertisement is this!”

Li Guilian's acquaintance with Warren Buffett was very accidental. In 2007, Buffett went to Dalian to participate in an event. Da Yang gave him two sets of tailor-made suits. Since then, the “stock god” has invited Li Guilian to participate in her private party each year. There are only two invited Chinese mainland entrepreneurs.

Li Guilian has an ideal - "China's garment industry, there is not yet a high-end brand in the world. I have many years of breath, hoping to improve China's international status in the apparel sector.

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