Identification of jasper

How does Jasper identify it? Jasper can be divided into two types: nephrite and jadeite. Hard jade is also known as jade. From the chemical point of view, nephrite is a silicate containing calcium, magnesium and iron, while jadeite is a silicate containing sodium and aluminum. Here are some ways to identify true and false jade:

Identification of jasper

(1) Water identification method

Put a drop of water on the jade. If it is in the form of dewdrops, it will be true jade for a long time.

(2) Hand touch method

If it is true jade, feel cold and lubricated by hand.

(3) Observation method

The jade is observed against the bright spot, and the color is clear and the green is evenly distributed.

(4) Tip of the tongue

The tip of the tongue is really jealous, but the fake jade is not.

In addition, it can also be observed with a magnifying glass, mainly to see if there are cracks, and the value of cracks is greatly reduced. These methods can be used to identify the true and false of Jasper, simple and practical, is it very helpful for you?

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