What kind of skirt should be selected in spring and summer wear the perfect figure

Skirts, skirts, packs hip skirts, pencil skirts, bud skirts ... dresses world dazzling, but no matter what group can wear out your perfect body is benevolent! The exciting spring is coming soon, what kind of skirt can bring out the slender legs? Take a look at nuna lie Nonna 2014 spring and summer new products have any good recommendation.


Figure: nona lie Nonna 2014 spring and summer new products

The umbrella skirt, named after its skirt-like umbrella shape, has a superb waistline and thinned leg effect on the open skirt, which has won the admiration of many girls. This non-woven Check Nuona Norai fit, like a tailored tailored version of the chest, a perspective lace stitching, but also add sexy charm.


Figure: nona lie Nonna 2014 spring and summer new products

Seeing whether the dress makes you think of a stroll along the beach leisure time? From last summer's fashion list, the glitzy street has become the beauty that girls do not want to miss. Pink-blue pleated skirt with gauze blouse, both clever cover your flesh can play the effect of elongated height Oh.

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