Underwear worn invisible but could not hide the woman's hot body

"What kind of underwear to wear , it means what kind of woman to do." Underwear is a symbol of a woman's identity and taste, a wrong choice can be made out of vulgar and elegant. Maybe you would say that wearing underwear can not be seen inside, but a woman's self-confidence, perfect curve and hot body she wants to hide also hide.


Figure: Emperor dream underwear

3/4 mold cup, for the chest petite women wearing cup-shaped round three-dimensional, rose embroidery shuttle in the delicate and transparent mesh and chiffon pleated stitching, filled with sweet, romantic atmosphere, Add some vitality and movement.

内衣穿在里面看不见 但藏不住女人的惹火身材

Figure: Emperor dream underwear

Classic lace embroidery combined with mesh, chiffon fabric, bring extra luxury to enjoy the dress, adjustable shoulder strap to meet the needs of different types of thoracic, high side ratio and stability of double glue bone design, effectively gather excess fat, with very strong Fix the effect and create the perfect line.

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