What should I do if the car glass is foggy? Four strokes for quick defogging

[China Glass Net] Get up in the morning in winter, a layer of fog will appear on the car glass, this is the trouble that winter owners are more likely to encounter, how to solve the winter driving anti-fog. Some riders will choose to use a rag to wipe, I believe that I have tried to know, it is definitely not clean, and driving is still dangerous! So this is not feasible, the following small series recommend several tricks to remove the fog to the majority of car owners .

Before the move: remove the fog spray


    Spraying the front glass before starting, you can form a liquid film, which can effectively prevent the condensation of frost; spray a spray on the road to quickly eliminate the frost that has already condensed, spray once about 2-3 Day! If you find that the traffic is foggy, you should stop and spray again.

In the same way, you can also use detergent! Put the water-soaked cloth on the cloth and rub it on the inside of the windshield to keep it from fogging for about 20 hours!

The second measure: direct blowing glass


    As for the occasional fog on the left and right glass, you can adjust the left and right air conditioning direction, facing the left and right glass, do not affect the rearview mirror.

The third measure: intermittently open the window


    This allows air to flow and also reduces the rise in fog. Because the air inside the car can not spread well, when the cold air outside the car meets the frost, the part of the window will be shaken properly, so that the cold air outside the car can be blown into the car to achieve hot and cold air convection. Reduce internal and external temperature differences and eliminate frost and fog. This method is very suitable when people are used for a long time.

The fourth measure: first open the air-conditioning, and then open the heating after the frost


    Because the cold air can quickly lower the temperature of the front windshield, so that the frost fog loses the condition of condensation, and then the air conditioner is turned on to make the owner not feel cold.

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