Manhatten 2014 autumn and winter grand debut to discover belong to the gentleman charm unique to men!

We've gone too far to forget why we set out. "- Kahlil Gibran Fall / Winter 2014, Routine Designer From the fast-paced thoughts and serenity of modern high-speed trains to the slow pace of the old-fashioned train, In the great contrast between laid-back and bustling environments, two different design inspiration was found, with the emphasis on simple, crisp lines, fine materials, fit tailoring and fine detail design. Keyboard knock, a group of data input, the computer screen quickly shows a variety of compact structure of the picture, the emergence of a cup of coffee, without diluting the quiet space, but also slow down the pace of space, rational thinking in coffee Rich in mellow also slowly into the emotional thinking.Conform to the international trend, the pursuit of lightweight comfortable and warm; the use of a variety of materials, a variety of styles such as splicing mashup and other details, 2014 autumn and winter in the business and leisure series, the neutral color The proportion has been increased, such as beige, coffee yellow, jujube and lake blue, all of which highlight the brand's Expensive, elegant and unique extraordinary quality faded memories mottled body, long-lost whistle and slow train "carbazole, carbazole" rhythm sound, the car's lively atmosphere, that the memory of the gradual disappearance of the same time conversion again In front of the eyes, inadvertently sketched a group of leisure structure design.The new season of work gives unlimited reverie, a variety of high-end materials fusion together to demonstrate the magical surprise, embossed texture effect knit fabric highlights the new season's image, elegant , Comfortable, taste, fashion most vividly.With the blockbuster season, and han Hatton (MENHARDUM) shuttle with the British station, to explore belong to the gentleman's unique charm!

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