Summer dress with a yellow dress with what shirt Bohemian style dress look good?

I think every girl has crush boys, in that hazy crush stage Are you curious whether he noticed you? So what good way to capture the hearts of crush boys? In fact, want to be noticed is also a very simple matter, as long as the change from dressing on the style is OK. So how to match it? Dress is a good choice, wearing the kind of skirt fluttering in the body feeling very romantic and beautiful, you can give others a good impression.


Beautiful and moving sleeveless chiffon dress, with white high heels with crosses, to create Goddess exclusive temperament, long skirts whether it is flat buttocks or small thick legs, can use it all to cover off. Lace with a white lace crocheting short paragraph, you can re-division of the proportion of your body, with a belt to enhance the waist was leg length is not a problem.

夏日长裙搭配 黄色长裙搭配什么上衣 波西米亚风格的长裙好看吗?

Bohemian-style dress most appropriate to go to the beach while wearing a holiday, the retro printing charm makes irresistible, wrinkled sleeve shoulder design, adds a sweetness, with flat open toe sandals, the sea goddess of vacation Wind struck strong.

Photo Source: Mu Yi Women

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