Long-sleeved shirt with umbrella skirt look good? Short sleeve denim with black skirt

Hot temperatures, I believe many girls will Xiaobian very much like the late autumn. We are also ready to dress up in the fall, how can we fashion a single off it. Here are two autumn beauty for everyone to introduce, so that beauty you always maintain the elegance and personality. Learn together how to match it.


This white long-sleeved shirt, looks very high. Feels comfortable and soft, wearing upper body is an incredible effect, can not imagine the perfect shape. Delicate delicate fine woven decoration, it is elegant and graceful. With the stylish printing umbrella skirt, well cover the thick legs, the overall atmosphere filled with the princess.

长袖衬衫搭配伞裙好看吗 短袖牛仔搭配黑色半身裙

White wave point shirt, retro elements have set off a new wave. Black bow at the edge of the decoration, it is the aesthetic temperament. With a short sleeve denim jacket, highlighting the trend of modern urban style. With a black chiffon skirt, light and elegant, in the fall will lead to many keep returning.

Image courtesy of TITI Womenswear

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