What to wear in October is good

Unconsciously ushered in the golden autumn in October, October, the temperature throughout the country but each has a "gesture", in the vast desolate northwest with a white snow, in the vast Central China is about 15 degrees cool Weather, and in southern China is about 20 degrees of comfort ... In this green, hot and cold in October, the dress is also a university asked, different regions of different clothing, where are you in? How will you greet the golden October again with the beauty of the United States? Let's discuss it together.

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In the cold northwest of Gansu, ushered in the first large-scale snowfall this year, this time woolen jacket down jacket should debut, both from clothing news fashion woolen brand woolen jacket, a unique taste of the smoke gray With a low-key luxury suit models, unique personality charm exudes intrinsic temperament. The edge of this white short woolen jacket, atmospheric lapel with two buckle design simple and elegant, with a dress or trousers, bringing full of warmth and care.


In eastern China, we have a temperature of about 20 degrees in October. The temperature of 20 degrees is not cold but it is full of vicissitudes and bleak feelings. Quickly break the awkward atmosphere with beautiful rose red. Clothing News 2014 autumn new rose red jacket, delicate pearl button design and bud type shoulder pads, full of sweet temptation, take the black dress, the color of the collision out of fashion sparks.


In southern China, the year-round warmer weather makes October less cold. If you travel to South China, then a jujube thin sweater with black shorts and a pair of booties will suffice. Collar embellishment, even more agile.

Xiaobian finally remind the majority of crush who, even in different parts of the temperature difference between day and night has gradually widened, because in the morning and evening must make a warm keep Oh, let us together the United States and the United States through the fall.

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