"Silver Ten" is nearing the end, women's era women's fashion usher in a small climax!

The "Silver 10" month is nearing completion. The women's era is a joyous news for women, ushering in a new climax to opening a new store. With the women's era of Guangzhou store, Jiangsu store, Shaanxi store, Zhongshan store have signed a contract, further expanded the size of the ladies era in the country's stores, but also further explained the popularity of ladies brand women's era!

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In the women's era, in the next market plan, the women's era ladies brand franchise stores will gradually increase market share, and the increase in franchise stores will directly drive the company's brand value enhancement, foster a strong marketing team, and serve with more professional professional qualities. Clients will further expand the influence of women's ladies brands.

good news! ! This month's time to join the ladies, not only is the entire 100% exchange of goods, but also will enjoy a new discount - shelf support policy! True zero inventory, so you can really shop worry! Join the hotline 400-800-1638.

With the development of the brand, more and more people are joining the ladies' era team. During the ladies' era, we insisted on “fast fashion” Korean women’s “more styles, faster updates, and higher prices”. For the purpose of pursuing "serving customers", we are striving to create "China's most competitive ladies' brand".

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