Korean clothing style and features

South Korea's brand of clothing in a short period of time to get the favor of consumers, of course, its attractiveness. Some of the elements that add to Korea's glamor appeal also make Korea's apparel glitter. So what are the characteristics of Korean clothing in general? Visual Impact Many Korean costumes give up a simple color tone, but through a special comparison of light and shade to highlight the grade. Clothing designers through the fabric texture and contrast, coupled with the rich variety of styles to emphasize the impact, the kind of thick, complicated, the surface of the things are refined or even a bit shy to show replaced, concise even pocket are saved The trousers, irregular dress hem, very pleasing lace, are in confession of its beauty and fashion. Asymmetric design Asymmetric design is the most typical style of the "Korean Wave", and this asymmetric design more and more in Korean clothing. Skirt length and skirt hem become irregular asymmetry, so wear more dynamic. The unique design of the collar, the asymmetric design of the front of the Korean clothing are infused with fresh feelings. Romantic style features No matter how the style of dress design, the South Korean dress will be romantic with the shadow. The romantic characteristics of the clothing is mainly manifested in ladies, non-active type of women. Its main features are wide shoulders, thin waist and hip, plus specially treated layers of skirts, the details of the repeated and fine workmanship reflected most vividly. The most appealing place to show off individuality Korean clothing lies in the exaggerated approach it uses, which satisfies the mood of the busy people in the city who desire to vent. Personalized publicity is the source of happiness: Wide wide to extreme wide leg pants, skinny thin to the extreme tights. You can be charming to the extreme: pure white tight vest, tender pink embroidered trousers, a show of hands, a gaze, are exudes endless feminine charm; you can also mysterious extreme: black vest with black wide leg Trousers, the natural color of the fishnet dress, a mysterious looking girl. Korea and South Korea accessories are also very rich accessories in Korea, this year's popular belt and waist chain, and metal chain and some metallic color combination of red waist chain, with jeans and skirts are very eye-catching. And a kind of cloth with a woven rope belt is hot popular accessories. Bags Korea package does not seem as cool as Japan's package, but very stylish, some cloth bags and denim bag is the most popular. In particular, there are many different styles of denim bags. Some of the complicated patterns on the nails are studded with various colored beads or small stones. There are also hand-carrying shoulders and special styles. Scarves scarves It seems that this season's favorite Korean women, and some embroidered graceful classical flowers on the soft fabric, some with brilliant ruby ​​beads, sequins, exquisite nail-like print-like texture, and some are based on the same color Pattern, to make a similar sense of burning ... ... and then tied a wide range of knots, lightly danced around the neck. And there can be vaguely revealing the stockings of the skin, the color used to the extreme, and some echoes with the body clothes, but some have Yan Yan clothes many times, white, purple, pure black, sky blue ... ... Jumping colors add vitality and charm to the body's clothing. Korean clothing color matching skills Korean clothing is good at showing the color change, this alone has been able to win a large number of young people's favor. However, the characteristics of Korean clothing is not simply a variety of colors piled, but very good at the combination of color and light and dark contrast to the three-dimensional sense of clothing. Therefore, wearing Korean-style clothing, with the fun and the resulting different effects will make you pleasantly surprised. Specific performance for the following three major skills. ① the same color with. This is one of the easiest, most basic color matching methods. The same color refers to a series of the same or similar hue, resulting from changes in lightness shades of different shades of color. With the same color with dignified, quiet, steady effect, suitable for elegant temperament of mature women. But you must pay attention to the same color match, the brightness difference between the color and color to be appropriate, a little too small, too close to the color easily confused with each other, the lack of sense of hierarchy; the difference is too large, the contrast is too strong color easy to split the whole. The same color with the best deep, medium and shallow changes in the three levels, with less than three levels with a more monotonous, and too much level easy to produce cumbersome, casual effect. Such as red with the same color with the match, by the rose red material skirt, camel red sweater, deep purple shoes, garnet red earrings and makeup makeup. ② similar color dress with. The so-called similar color refers to the color of the ring within about 90 degrees of the adjacent color. Such as red and orange, orange and yellow green, yellow and green, green and purple are similar colors. Similar color clothing with more changes, and still be able to get the overall effect of harmonization, popular with women. ③ the main color clothing with. This color can be used in a variety of contrasting colors, but to determine the dominant color of a dominant color. The main color should be consistent with the entire set of clothing and tone, the main color in the entire apparel should account for a large proportion of the area or more important position. The choice of color should also be consistent with the overall tone of clothing.

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