Red and lace, wave point with a Pink Lady

â–¼ yarn and lace

红色与蕾丝、波点装的搭配 做个红粉佳人

The weather also with a trace of hot, chiffon and lace with fresh and elegant. Strong sense of the tulle reveals elegant lace flower patterns, cute playful doll design is no longer a patent for young girls, mature women can also be based on their own style with the corresponding accessories to create a sense of downtime. Exaggerated sense of jewelry, simple and elegant bag shoes, black with different shades of red with a harmonious and special sense of fashion.

â–¼ Pink Lady

红色与蕾丝、波点装的搭配 做个红粉佳人

Stitching lace skirt color tender and beautiful, attractive eye effect. Shoulder hollow lace design point full, natural style without losing the bright spot. Accessories with pink objects, such as to enhance the lucky peach blossom, flowers, bags, pop-style shoes. Pink makeup with a red dress can also show a good color, peach makeup + peach brings a different kind of sweet charm, today to be a pink beauty it.

â–¼ Polka Dot Mood

红色与蕾丝、波点装的搭配 做个红粉佳人

Pure white, red charming. A combination of white and red Polka dot jacquard fabric is full of sweet without losing the handsome taste. Big bow collar with a little childish, glamorous red also weakened the sense of distance of high-waist pants, just with a soft chic feel arises spontaneously. Angular handbag full of handsome, with other accessories should not be too much, you can wear some simple solid color small objects.

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