How to choose lingerie? Underwear color and coat with how

The right bra can shape a woman's most mysterious sexy, showing the inner charm of women and external temperament, emitting a distinctive charm. However, the choice of underwear is a university asked, often see some people obviously have a good figure, but did not wear to the underwear ruined, or because underwear color and coat do not take the damage to the overall beauty.


This light purple deep V-type underwear, 5/8 gathered in the design, cups and ears Aberdeen, the side are connected as a whole, the deputy milk, fat gather to prevent reflux, thereby increasing the chest Plump, slowly adjust the expansion of the deformed chest, with some deep V, big round neck dress is very sexy, but can not choose perspective or light bright color coat, because the blue underwear has a strong penetrating power, slightly less Note that the color will be exposed.


If you see the black underwear with a white shirt on the street and the like, and will not feel like, but if replaced by this red underwear, you will feel that this person really tasteless. So the red underwear is better with dark colors. 3/4 cup, high chicken heart to solve the trouble of a small chest MM, a small chest can also wear a charming cleavage, beautiful low-key luxury embroidery cup luxury, bright red underwear set is a natural choice, oh.

Image Source: Italian Waa underwear

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