The value of 70 million Tian Huang masters appraisal fee of 20 million!

Two months ago, a high-ranking official of Fujian Province was issued to provide a business owner with a $70 million worth of Tian Huang and a scandal of 20 million yuan in the Tianhuang identification fee. According to informed sources, the Tian Huang is actually not the real Tian Huang. Since the bribery officials all trust the appraisal level of the masters of Shoushan stone carving, the bribers have to pay huge sums of money to ask the master to "identify". It is said that the master is a veteran master of the Fuzhou engraving industry, and he was finally interviewed by relevant departments.


According to GB/T16553 "Jewelry and Jade Identification" national standard, Tian Huangshi is a Shoushan stone secondary mine produced in Shoushanxi field; shape: monolith with different degrees of corrosion; the main constituent minerals are dikai stone, pearl stone; the main color is Different shades of yellow, some with white, reddish brown, dark gray, blue gray, etc.; transparency is generally micro-transparent - translucent; glass - grease luster; structure is dense, delicate, warm; often has "radish" , "Ge" and "Stone". Shoushan stone carving masters, general artists, are carved stone, although they understand the material of Shoushan stone, but not the master of stone identification. Stone identification and stone carving are two areas that don't touch. Shoushan stone carving masters can tell a lot of stone carvings, many stories, this is the right way, you can also talk about many of Shoushan Stone (such as variety stone), many names (named), this is nonsense.

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