Jie Jie children access to national product quality and stability, "Honor Certificate"


Harvest autumn, Guangzhou Jie Jie children's clothing Co., Ltd. with full of passion has ushered in a fantastic, in the overall Jie Jie children's efforts, Jie Jie children through the China Quality and Technical Supervision agencies in 2014 "quality Month, "" good faith day "quality brand promotion activities of the strict examination, access to product quality inspection department issued a certificate of product quality and stability, and was elected to the national product quality and stability of qualified enterprises to display, published in the" China Quality and Technical Supervision " 308 period.



By constantly improving the standard system of the enterprise and making it operate effectively, the company improves the management level of the company to another level and plays a promoting and promoting role for the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise. Faced with the community's recognition and industry authority affirmed, Jie Jie children feel very glorious.


In the face of an increasingly competitive market environment, we must overcome difficulties, give full play to strengths, and constantly develop and strengthen ourselves through improvement, innovation and learning. We firmly believe that based on our spirit and philosophy of keeping children clean, Fierce competition among them to achieve our mission, to bring consumers beauty and confidence.

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