AITU [single product recommendation] wild little suit changeable workplace ... lead the fashion

AITU【单品推荐】百搭小西装 百变职场…引领时尚

Thin coat is a good choice against the cool weather, and a small suit with its special cut and its wild nature of the workplace OL favorable climax. Put on a slim suit that highlights the curve of the figure, the little girl is more mature charm, the big woman adds intellectual beauty, wild little suit, wear a hundred kinds of taste.

AITU【单品推荐】百搭小西装 百变职场…引领时尚

Irregular small tailoring design capable of cutting personality, collar collision color to reduce the dull sense of stitching, with lace stitching shorts, modern fashion in the distribution of femininity.

Small suit T1431WT06: casual small suit jacket, the first piece of fake two-piece design rich style modeling, collar collision color stitching to reduce the dull feeling.

Shorts T1431DK08: simple style, cut the waist smooth, highlight the feminine lace stitching.

AITU【单品推荐】百搭小西装 百变职场…引领时尚

Box-type profile small suit, light fabric and perspective mesh cloth swept away the serious wear business wear, lemon yellow people shines; with 7 feet loose pants, cleverly cover the legs of fat, giving the dynamic four Shot of the little girl image.

Small suit T1431WT22: box profile, the use of light fabrics and perspective mesh collision tactics, infiltration of a feminine trait, easy to create a capable modern city image.

Shorts T1431DK09: comfortable and comfortable version of the type, cleverly cover the fat on the legs, legs closed feet profile, characterize the personality of the charm.

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