Awesome model show opens 2015 spring and summer fairs

In 2015, Fushun’s “look different” spring and summer new product ordering conference was grandly opened. Distributors and franchisees from all over the country gathered in Huizhou to share the spring and summer fashion feast of the new season.

September 12, 2015 Fusion "look different" spring and new orders will be opened, dealers from around the country, the franchisee Qi Juhui state, shared the new season of spring and summer fashion feast, plan new year costume ordering plans. Fu Cheng Group Chairman Chen Chengcai, Vice President Deng Wenyuan, Senior Men's Products Division General Manager Zhou Jinsong, Product Design Director Chen Caida and various department managers watched the model catwalk show. Chairman Chen Chengcai made a speech on the ordering meeting.

Senior General Manager Zhou Jinsong stated in his opening remarks that the theme of the trade fair “see different”. One is the "different" form of organization, such as the addition of a model catwalk link; the second is the difference in product style, ordering will be divided into four series of new products, distinctive style, each with its own characteristics; third is the difference in growth against the market, with The development of online shopping inevitably has an impact on the physical store business. In such a large environment, the business performance of Fulan has still performed well and has grown against the market.

After the fashion magic show and mobile phone shake the lucky draw, a professional host from Huizhou TV officially announced the start of the model show. When the lights went down, the music rang and the ready models stepped into the T -shaped platform in turn and instantly became the focus of the scene. The new products launched by the Fuzhou Spring-Summer Ordering Fair are divided into four series, namely, the Wall Street trend dress series, Rome's business casual series, the global traveler's young business series, and the London Party's young fashion series. The dress series features a classic gray, blue or striped suit with a textured shirt, which reveals a calm and solemn image of the workplace. Rome's business casual collection is lined with check suits, shirts, and bright colors to make traditional suits more casual and casual. Eye-catching prints, locomotive logo badges, casual or jeans, the world traveler series make young people travel business without mistakes; and exquisite fabrics, unique collar design, a variety of prints or designs, the London party series is transmitted alone With a stylish taste. Each series covers a variety of styles, different colors, from a variety of perspectives, different sides to illustrate the characteristics and style of each series of products.

Compared with the previous year's trade fairs, in 2015 , the wealthy "see different" spring and summer new product orders will add a model show link, is the highlight of the entire ordering meeting. The model catwalks with the on-the-spot ordering, enriches the content of the ordering meeting, increases the level of the ordering meeting, and brings the customer a real wearing experience. The customers carefully looked at the new styles, designs, and actively selected goods and orders. The scene was busy and lively.

On September 14 , the four-day trade fair ended. Recalling this ordering meeting, both the old customers' persistent orders and new customers' dedication to join us reflected the confidence and trust of our customers in affluence. Fuyi will also work hand in hand with our customers to seek common development and create brilliance together.

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