15cm high heels wear actress's red carpet essential weapon

This site on November 25 hearing, the highest number of high heels can be? 15cm is the limit of conventional high heels. If you have the help of a waterproof platform at this height, you can stand a few minutes and walk. However, 15cm high heels are essential tools for female stars who have red carpets. A group of actress led by Fan Bingbing can see this super high heels almost every time he appears. In addition, the editors have also carefully selected several big brands of autumn and winter super high heels, you can buy it in the store or the official website.


Fan Bingbing is not the first person to promote domestic high-water platform shoes. No matter where they appear, they are eager to step 15cm high-heeled shoes. Those who pass through will know that it is really not easy.


High waterproof platform shoes, of course, is the red carpet of the female stars to grab the mirror weapon, on the 15th of this month in Seoul, a TV drama celebration star award ceremony. Jin Xishan and Liu Chengxiu went hand in hand to walk on the red carpet, wearing a blue split-knit slim dress and a full gas pressure in the audience. If there is no pair of 15cm support on the feet, they should be afraid to hold the skirt.


Angelababy Dior black dress with Dior heels appeared on the scene of an activity, although it is Dior2014 autumn and winter series mix sport high heels, but it is undeniable that high waterproof platform design to increase overall comfort a lot.


The style of the Kwai Lun magnesium dress always does not follow the conventional route, but this time it is also inevitable to wear dark green waterproof platform shoes to stretch the overall line.


Rainie Yang silhouetted a pink suit, with a thick heel with retro style high heels, can be considered a high-water platform this year's more popular casual version, Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs there are many such shoes.


From Cyndi this dress can be seen where she was only 158cm tall? Of course, a pair of shoes to increase the 15cm okay, super high-heeled shoes really short-actress life-saving straw.

Editor's Choice:


The most famous of the waterproof platform high-heeled shoes is Charlotte Olympia. A careful person will find that this brand is the favorite of the star celebrities. It is often seen on the red carpet and various activities. Of course, the price is not Fei oh.

In addition to Charlotte Olympia, many big names also have a variety of different models of waterproof platform high heels, Jimmy Choo's fish mouth fine silver metal material is elegant and noble, Valentino powder is tender and tender, thick heels and straps make the pace more stable. Of course, the favorite of the editors is Saint Laurent's super high-heeled heels with black chain, and it's very feminine and rocky! (Co-Media: Moses Mimi Women's Shoes Danbyu Shoes)

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