Song of Song Song Chinese Lynx Double Twelve

Song of Song song Lynx 12.12, an elegant feast that belongs exclusively to you, in this age of no ritual, we must be kind to each other and be kind to ourselves!


With a full bloom of sunflowers,

Bright mood throughout the winter

At a surprise price,

Recovering a missing autumn coat last month

In the most elegant gesture,

Allow yourself to do whatever you like

Song of Song Song Lynx 12.12,

An elegant feast dedicated to you

In this age of no-living,

We must treat each other kindly and be kind to ourselves!

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X version type -

The X-shaped version's tightened waist with a loose hem perfectly complements the plump lower body curve. If you long for elegance and quality, how can you not have an X-shaped dress?

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H version type -

Simple low-key straight-line H-type dress, fashionable and stylish, full of gas field but also cold and warm, modified body. With a H-shape dress with a good-looking appearance and “a hundred touches”, it can meet your various winter modeling needs.

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A version type -

From the narrow width of the wide range, the A-type silhouette skirt is a classic reproduction. The simple shape, just let you abandon the cumbersome dress concept, but also with a demure elegance.

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