What are the characteristics of poor quality opal?

The opal always gives people a very dreamy feeling. Its smart eyeliner looks like the real one. The opal has the same advantages and disadvantages as all the gems. The excellent opal is loved by everyone. The inferior opal not only looks good. Bad value is not high, friends must be careful when buying, what are the characteristics of poor quality opal? Xiaobian on this issue summarizes the relevant information, friends who do not understand must look at the following introduction.

Feature 1: Poor quality opal. Its color is variegated or gray. If you encounter this color when you purchase opal, you must not buy it. Not only is the opal itself unsightly, its value can be neglected.

Feature 2: Poor quality opal stone is not uniform in texture, and there are many impurities and cracks. These will affect the value of opal, and its quality is also classified as inferior.

Feature 3: Poor quality opal. Its eyeliner looks very scattered and very blurred. Even under the glare, there is no clear cat's eye. And the poor quality opal must have its eyeliner deviated from the center of the curved gemstone.

The above is a related introduction to the characteristics of poor quality opal. Because the opal stone is of poor quality, its value and price will be greatly reduced. Therefore, once the above characteristics are discovered, friends must not buy. Buy opal should buy clear, narrow, strong, sharp concentrated opal, and its color is best beeswax or sunflower yellow. The greater the weight of the opal, the higher its value, and this should be remembered by friends.

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