Why red spinel will be mistaken for ruby

Rubies and red spinels are precious gems, all of which have a charming red color, but their value is quite different. Many people often use red spinel as a ruby ​​because they don't know ruby. To understand ruby, you must first know why red spinel is mistaken for ruby.

Red spinels are mistaken for rubies because they are visually similar in color, which is difficult for a friend who doesn't know ruby ​​and red spinel. Many people are used to using the naked eye to judge the objects they see, so red spinels are easily mistaken for rubies.

Red spinels differ in hardness from rubies, with the former having a hardness of 8 and the latter having a hardness of 9. Their crystal permeability is also different, the former is a very transparent gem, red because of the inclusions and cracks, so it does not look very thorough, if it is very thorough ruby, then its price is very expensive of.

Although the two are completely different gems, they are all very precious gems, and the red spinel and ruby ​​are currently in a rising trend, especially the high quality red spinel. It has risen, so friends can collect high quality red spinel as an investment. However, it should be noted that whether you are interested in the kind of red gems, you must first understand their traits, as well as the identification knowledge of the two, so that when you buy red gems, it is not easy to get confused before you can buy them. Authentic.

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