2015 spring and summer cotton-linen style spring and summer cotton clothing with

A fabric of cotton and linen, but also a simple style, the comfort of cotton and linen so that many women like this fabric, clean and very personalized fabric dress, women's background is mainly cotton and linen fabrics, designed for 28-45 Aged woman to create their own, nostalgic, rich and colorful life, but quiet, simple and more gorgeous, what kind of style is a woman has been pursuing it? Then take a look at the background color it.

底色 - Dins

The color of the women's brand is a design of life, from life, the classic black and white colors, very good-looking, cotton-style color is so small, but less precious, it is such a truth, the background Women's spring and summer 2015 new clothes, cotton-style comfortable and natural, relaxed and generous.

2015春夏棉麻风格款式 春装棉麻服装搭配

White skirt with a hollow knit jacket style, this dress is not very attractive it? Women like cotton fabric that is a very wise choice, especially the tall, slender girl should choose such a style, wear it with your usual wear is not the same, I feel will shine Oh.

Single Jersey

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