What kind of hollowed shirt hollow shirt with a good style

Want the popular elements of the summer of 2015? In many international brand summer new conference have highlighted the hollow elements. Hollow element simple Ya Yun, but also very fresh and breathable, is that many women like it. The following for everyone to introduce two hollow equipment, charming temperament, fashion simple.


So tender and light yellow, will give the impression of simple fashion. A variety of decorative patterns, very compelling. Round neck version of the type, outline the charming clavicle curve. A look at the very high-end high-quality fabrics, will love your fashion favorite suit. Package hip dress sexy fashion, like to win it.

镂空衫什么款式的好 镂空衫搭配

White hollow dress is a lady version, by people's favorite. Five-point Puff Sleeve design, black bow dotted with a collar, and below the black lace skirt echo each other. Sexy and playful dress, very lovable. Blue and white language brand women , each one is very delicate yet.

Pictures from: blue and white language women's clothing

Lady's Socks

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