Akiman spring and summer wave point outfit back to 20 years old

Wave points in the fashion clothing has always been more important existence, the wave points will think of that wave of the 60's loyal fans - Yayoi Kusama, a girl with her mother's heart, return to young, a paragraph Fashion fantastic color modeling, to bring us a wave of visual feast. Wave has been shuttling until now in the apparel market, enduring.

Eternal youth has always been a woman's dream, with 20-year-old to return to the movie release, so that people dream of a return to the heart of youth, and now Angie Mann several Xiaji Bo point ladies , let your dreams come true, heavy Back to 20 years old.


Cute skirt has always been the girl's favorite, this sleeveless wave point skirt, a simple white doll revealing the youthful and beautiful atmosphere, just right of the waist, showing a little bit of playful little woman. The most unique is the chest hollow design, it seems that your point of exposure inadvertently revealing a kind of little girl's arrogant, put on it is not difficult to think young.

安姬曼春夏波点装穿搭 重返20岁

Vest + shorts can be found everywhere in the summer, but the biggest feature of this wave point suit is the white lace on the chest plus a large wave point bow above the waist, not only does not show a good grip of the waist, but also demonstrated You girlhood ignorant cute, flounced dress with a little wave of shorts below the body, showing the girl-like lively, so you, how can not be young.

Our youth, full of fantasy, have a dream, let us now wear Angerman Point women, immortal youth.

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