Cleverly wear earrings to "optimize" face shape

Cleverly wear earrings to "optimize" face shape

Among the earrings, necklaces, rings and other jewelry, only the earrings are the most beautiful face lines. There are many kinds of earrings, there are thin chains, round circles, small nails, and long pendants? When you pick your eyes in the world of earrings, don't just care about your personal hobbies. Forgot my own conditions. I suggest that you must take a good look at your head and neck before buying earrings, because face and neck lines are a prerequisite for choosing earrings.

As long as you master the basic rules of wearing earrings, any flawed face can be perfected by the modification of the earrings. The faces that were originally unremarkable will show an extraordinary look and temperament under the earrings. The highest principle of earrings with face type is that the shape of the earrings avoids repeating with the face and is not the opposite of the face.

Face shape is the basis for choosing earrings. Earrings can play a balancing role on face shape. Inappropriate wearing is often counterproductive.

Generally, it is better to wear a slightly larger earring and earrings, or a hanging type and brightly colored earrings. Since the shawl itself has an influence on the contour and lines of the face, the long hair has fewer restrictions on wearing the earrings, but generally It is better to use earrings that are more conspicuous and have a certain amount of weight. Long-haired female


Square face

Square-faced girls are suitable for wearing earrings that are curved straighter than the horizontal, helping to increase the length of the face and ease the angle of the face, such as long oval, crescent, new leaf, single petal, etc. Let their Li Ying shine in the jewels of the jewels by the cheeks. In order to avoid repeating the face shape, it is best not to wear square earrings, or earrings with sharp shapes such as triangles and pentagons.

Long face

Long-faced girls can wear earrings in the shape of a circular or square-shaped horizontal design. They are rounded and well-rounded with beautiful features. They can subtly increase the width of your face and reduce the length of your face. Long-faced people are more suitable for wearing. The "round effect" earrings, like traditional pearls and gemstone stud earrings, are fastened to the ear to give off their own unique charm.

Upper lower face

Girls with a top-Down face should choose an earring with a lower edge than the upper edge to achieve the balance of the width of the lower jaw and create a soft facial line. If you wear earrings with pendants, please pay special attention to the length of the pendant. It is best to avoid ending in the lower jaw because the length of the pendant is just the focus of people's eyes. In addition, earrings with obvious angles, such as triangles and hexagons, should be avoided.

Round egg face

In order to create a visual effect that increases the length of the face and reduces the width, the girl with a round face should choose earrings and pendants such as a long-shaped whip, a drop-shaped shape, etc., which can make your plump face line soft and straight, and more Add a few words to the British.

Melon face

The chin's face has a sharp chin. It is suitable for wearing earrings with a lower edge larger than the upper edge. For example, a drop shape, a gourd shape, and a triangle with a very sharp angle can increase the weight of the face of the melon face and make the face look. More straightforward.

Diamond face

For those who are of this type, the best earrings are the shape of the "lower edge is larger than the upper edge", such as a drop shape, a chestnut shape, and the like. Instead, wear pendants such as diamonds, hearts, and inverted triangles.

Goose egg face

Girl with a goose egg face wears a face that suits her face

Earrings with a skin tone and a face size can be used.

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